The Eternal Bond


“Continue seeking Him [God] with seriousness. Unless He wanted you, you would not be wanting Him.” – C.S. Lewis

The key component to joy in life comes from relationships and the ability to bond with others. The eternal bond we can experience with God can lead to your greatest joy and pleasure. This book will help you deeply connect with God and others in profound and graceful ways. It gives you honest and truthful in sight on how God views you. Whether  you are seeking God, a new believer or a long-time Christian this book will resonate with you. The Eternal Bond is perfect for small groups (it was field tested in groups before publication) and comes with discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Fresh, insightful, Christ-centered, profound, grace-filled, compelling, useful, grounded and encouraging are a few of the words used by readers and those who endorsed the book. It is a great tool for personal growth and ministry.

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This book is the result of men and women who requested that David’s outlines and notes be put into writing for further study and to communicate with others. The Eternal Bond is a 6″ by 9″, 208 page, paperback book. It is divided into four main areas and contains 20 chapters with discussion questions. There are also several diagrams and charts for illustration. This Christ-centered, easy to read material is ideal for small groups and classes.


The Eternal Bond

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