Generations and Cultural Change

Sociologists tell us that every 15-20 years a new generation appears within a culture. This happens worldwide and has taken place throughout the ages. Some generations reflect little change from the previous generation, while others may have great contrast. Generations have been studied in the United States over the last 150 years and most recently we have moved from Builders, Boomers, Busters, Generation X, Generation Y, 20 Somethings, to Millennials.

Within every generation in history there have been people who have come to realize they are created beings and have found relationship with God through the forgiveness of sins found in Jesus Christ. They have taken that relationship with God through Christ to their generation. They have been cultural change agents for the great benefit of their cultures and society.

In the Dark Ages there were very few remnants of these men. In times of revival and awakening there were hundreds of thousands who engaged their culture with the great joy and pleasure of relationship with Christ.


A Network of Kingdom Citizens

Generation Sigma is a relational network of men who want to grow personally and spiritually for a lifetime. Their focus is upon intimacy with God as the purpose of life. They intentionally engage their generation with the gospel through their life and words. Their desire is to be kingdom citizens who relate well to God, each other, and the world that is so desperately in need relationship with God.

Within the Cru Campus ministry there has been a focus in the Red River Region (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana) of Generation Sigma since 1994. Generation Sigma in this region has been characterized through the Annual White River Rendezvous, which meets each April for 3 days of faith, fellowship, and fun. Staff men involved with Generation Sigma also gather at each Red River Regional Staff Conference held in November. The Cru Winter Conference, held in the region, has an evening meeting where staff and student men share what God is doing in the lives and learn more about how to become involved in Generation Sigma. The Ozark Lakes Cru Summer Mission has an intentional Generation Sigma focus each summer (

There is a Generation Sigma Staff Leadership team that gives focus and direction to the ongoing emphasis of developing a relational network of men who want to grow personally and spiritually for a lifetime. This team meets annually for personal development and planning for Generation Sigma growth within the Red River Region.

Generation Sigma

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