Phases of Life Chart


“A map does not just chart, it unlocks and formulates meaning; it forms bridges between here and there, between disparate ideas that we did not know were previously connected.” – Reif Larsen

The Phases of Life Chart maps out the eight stages of adult life. It is a great companion piece to any of the Phases of Life books and allows you to see a fairly detailed overview of each phase on one piece of paper. It is a great reminder that no matter what phase of life you are experiencing, God is always cultivating intimacy with us as the purpose of His creation of us. His desire is that we would seek Him more deeply and experience Him more fully.


This over sized chart measures 17″ by 22″ and is printed in full color on poster weight coated stock. It allows you to see where you’ve been, where you are and options for where you are going.


Phases of Life Chart

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